Sunday, February 22, 2015

Put Your Home On The Market Now, While Home Inventory Is Low! #sellhome #realestate #homevalue

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Spring is almost here, the time of year that the home selling markets start to heat up.  It's a good time to think about selling your home.  Home inventory is low but in just a few months everyone will be listing.  Get yours out there and seen first.
Know what your home is worth before you put it on the market.  You have a price in mind...after all the people down the street sold their home for that price.  But do you really know what your home is worth?  If you under price your home, you could lose a lot of money!  But if your home is overpriced, you could hurt yourself in the long run even if you eventually bring the price down.  Why?  Because the first month a home is on the market is the most important.  That is when it will get the most exposure.  Say 100 people are in the market for a home in your price range, size and location.  If it's priced right, you should get quite a few showings in the first few weeks.  If it's not priced right, you'll get very few showings or none at all.  So you decide to lower the price, well now those 100 or so people probably have found something else or will only be looking at new listings that are hitting the market.  Now new potential buyers have dwindled considerably, maybe 2-3 new people a week are looking for a home like yours.  That is why you need to price your home based on sold comparable homes!  That means same size, number of bedrooms, age, lot size and amenities.  Your neighbor may have just sold their home, but is it the exact same house?  Probably not. I'll be glad to send you a Comparable Market Analysis for your home.  Free with absolutely no obligation!  Be informed before you sell!

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Real Estate Professionals and Homebuyers Beware

Scammers and hacker are out there!  I've always heard this and really never paid too much attention.  Until yesterday,  and did I find out!  Someone hacked my gmail account and my phone started ringing!  I'm a real estate agent so this was my business email.  They sent out hundreds of emails in my name to people all over the country.  My contacts and people I didn't even know.  The only criteria for getting one was that sometime in the last 3-4 years they had participated in a real estate transaction. The email looked like a real estate document, a HUD and requested their email for confirmation.  I received about 40 phone calls within 2 hours. Phone calls from as far away a Los Angeles!  Changing my passwords didn't work.  I had to delete my Google account.

As a real estate professional I had contracts and important information in my account.  It has been a nightmare!  Please, Please, don't give any information to someone you do not know, change your email passwords often, make passwords complicated.  I finally learned, the hard way!

Lisa Bourgoyne, REALTOR
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